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Patternless lens edgers Lens Cylinder Polisher Finer machines
Lens generators or lens cutting lathes Auxiliary equipment Our Company and contact information:


Optronics 7E
Optronics 7E with 4T tracer and 3B blocker Briot Patternless edger
Briot Evolution
Briot Evolution Used Generator S Pro
Used lap set molds Ultra Optics RX
Top quality aluminum lap tool set with racks Used ultra optics lens coating machines
Cobalt lens lathe cobalt polisher
Refurbished Coburn DTL-100 lens lathe Used Coburn Cobalt DP recent year
Used Nidek Le-1000 optronics 2G
Nidek 1000 patternless edger Optronics 2G lens generator low cycles
Lens Polishers X2SL Lens wax Blocker
Coburn SL2 lens generator Gerber Acuity Polisher