Used refurbished Essilor Kappa

Excellent for plastic and

poly lenses



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Gerber acuity plus



• Ultra fast process times minimum 'B' depth now 14.5mm
• True 3D patternless edging system
• Ultra-high precision frame tracing table
• Integrated lens grooving facility
• Integrated lens chamfering facility
• Precal lens calculations
• Colour viewing screens
• Memory Capacity: 200 shapes/tracer 500 shapes/tracer
• Computer link option
• Stand alone and network (max: up to 15 edgers and 5 tracers)

Customized grooving
Shape modification, Large LCD display & Auto lens blocking
High-Precision Tracing®
Shape memory and networking system

• High speed cutting action
• Lens front/back 3D automatic scanner
• Tailor-made icon based menu
• Automatic 3D V bevel
• Shape calculation
• Fully automatic chamber door
• Self-diagnostic facilities
• Statistic function

• Ultra-high precision tracing table
• Automatic tracing feeler insertion
• Lens/former tracing facilities for Supra or rimless frames
• Dual video lens centring system (no parallax error)
• Fully automated lens blocking

We offer this complete system with accesories.



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