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Used refurbished patternless edgers


      We buy your used patternless edgers and lab equipment in the U.S.
    Please write to or call (954)662-2839


Save thousands of dollars compared to the prices of new equipment. We export worldwide refurbished machines in working conditions. Each unit goes through a refurbishment
process that includes replacement of worn-out or defective parts, full service cleaning, calibration and general testing of machine performance.

  • Nidek LE-1000 with lens blocker.
    • Reconditioned National Optronics 7E with 4T Dry cut edger.
    • AIT Continuum patternless edger. Tracing, blocking, edging of all materials incl;uding glass.
    • Briot Accura Axcell patternless edger. Tracing, blocking, edging of all materials, lensmeter and drilling unit. Touch screen
    • Briot Accura CX patternless edger all in one machine. Color display.
    • Briot Alta patternless edger
    • Patternless edger Nidek LE-7070
    • Patternless edger NIDEK 9000.
    • Patternless edger Essilor Kappa.