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We have used refurbished patternless edgers at affordable prices !!!

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About Marmore inc

About Our Business...

We have been supplying over the last 15 years a wide variety of quality used and refurbished machines for optical labs. Our continuous interest is to offer to our customers locally and internationally ,the best quality possible at the lowest prices of the market. We have built up a reputation since we create value for our customers around the World.

We started out this business highly motivated and driven by the need of opticians to start producing lenses at a low cost. We keep the same esthusiam to grow our business and and become a definite alternative. We share with you our experience in the business and optometrist field.

We feel that there is much more to do as  we want to continue improving.

Let us be part of your experience...




Spanish American Chamber of Commerce of Hialeah. Entrepreneur award.