Marmore Inc.:Optical lab machinery and equipment Used Refurbished new!

We pay top dollars for your used surplus equipment in U.S. Contact us at: marmore@opticalmachinery.com

1-(954) 662-2839 Miami, FL U.S.A.

We sell quality used and refurbished machinery for optical labs at affordable prices. Most items in stock! Only Best brands Essilor, Briot, Nidek Santinelli, Gerber Coburn, Satisloh, Optronics, Weco, Coburn Technologies etc.

Patternless lens edgers lens cylinder polisher finer machines
Lens generators or lens cutting lathes Auxiliary equipment Our Company and contact information:

Most items in stock!. We stand behind all we sell ! We export worldwide and offer quality packing and support in shipping and logistics. If we do not have it we will find it for you!


Nidek 9000SX
Briot Accura CX
Briot Axcel CLD
Optronics 7E
Gerber Acuity Plus
Gerber SGX
Satisloh V50 X2SL
Essilor Mr Blue

Used Satisloh VFT Ultra
Santinelli Nidek le-1000 lens edger Briot Patternless edger
Optronics 7EX patternless edger Used Generator S Pro
Used Satisloh VFT Ultra Used Satisloh VFT Ultra
Used Satisloh VFT Ultra X2SL lens polishers
Cobalt lens lathe cobalt polisher
Used Cobalt DS lens lathe like new Used Coburn Cobalt DP recent year
Used Satisloh Autoblocker S
low cycles Essilor Mr Blue patternless edger Optronics 2G lens generator low cycles
Lens Polishers X2SL Lens wax Blocker
Coburn SL2 lens generator Gerber Acuity Polisher